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Is Set Point Theory True

Set point theory, as it pertains to human body weight, states that there is a biological control method in humans that actively regulates weight towards a predetermined set weight for each individual. This may occur through regulation of energy intake (e.g.via increased or decreased appetite) or energy expenditure (e.g. via reduced metabolism or feelings of lethargy). Set point theory, which is really more fact than theory, is how we explain body diversity, and why so many (95%) people regain weight within 3-5 years after an initially "successful" dieting attempt.The small minority of individuals who maintain weight loss are not only statistical unicorns, but usually make it their life's work to keep the weight off- often becoming fitness instructors.

The set point theory hypothesizes that your body is genetically predisposed to a set weight range. It will resist any attempt to change it through biological mechanisms. For example, when you eat a higher calorie meal, your body increases its calorie burn to compensate. When you burn more calories through exercise, your body increases hunger. The set point theory of nutrition states that each person has a natural body weight and shape that person maintains. It can fluctuate, but the natural set point typically remains within a few.

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